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Once in a while, we may stumble into our old or new clothing that requires fixing. For instance, you might find a loose button on your shirt, or a tangled necklace that you can’t seem to untangle or even finding a stain in one of your favourite clothing or footwear. Or you might want to simply re-wear your old clothes and make them look more fashionable. Either way fashion hacks will save you a lot of money and make you look more fashionable at the same time! So let’s take a look at the following articles with useful fashion hacks.

8 Clever Fashion Hacks For Everyday Life

Being fashionable isn’t about having money, it is about knowing a bunch of things. And a few clever fashion hacks will definitely help a lot! That is why this next piece of advice will definitely help. A list of 8 tricks will be handy in a lot of situations when you need fashion to be on your side. Examples like removing odors or stains are often an issue for lots of people. Read the collection provided here. You will find out how to easily tuck in non-skinny jeans, break in tight shoes. It is good to also know, in case of emergency, how to conceal a bra strap with a paper clip. And if any or every tip from the list helps you, remember to share it with your friends.

All you have to do is sprinkle a sufficient amount of the powder on to the stain and wait for the powder to soak up the oil. Once the stain reaches the surface of the fabric, it’s much easier to remove. read more at

Fashion Hacks: 9 Simple Ways to Customize Your Clothing

The new year is finally here and so are the latest trends. And while it’s fun to embrace all of the new cold-weather clothes, it can still be tough to set yourself apart from the rest of the fashion-savvy pack. That’s why it pays to find ways to personalise your wardrobe without sacrificing your style (or budget). With a little time and creativity, you can turn your basic apparel into an exclusive wardrobe that’s unique to you. From dip-dye to iron-ons, read on for nine cool ways to customise your clothes and show the world your one-of-a-kind style.

One of the coolest ways to customize your shabby old tees is to cut them up DIY style. You can tear pieces off of the bottom and convert them into braided straps or simply cut the collar for an off-the-shoulder style, either way you’ll end up with a totally awesome T-shirt.

If the pin trend renaissance shows anything, it’s that the dream of the ’90s are alive in not just Portland, but everywhere. Everywhere you look online, you’ll find adorable—and super affordable—enamel pins, collar pins (like the DIY version above from The House That Lars Built), and lapels, allowing you to upgrade your drab denim jacket (or the back pocket of your jeans) in a literal pinch.

Looking for a fun way to update an old dress in the back of your closet or personalize the same pair of pants you know all your friends have too? Take an inch—or five!—off of the bottom and suddenly you’re working with a whole new outfit. Just look at the difference at Megan Nielsen’s dress just by taking the hem from ankle- to knee-length.

Bring some of your boring cotton tees back to life by giving them the dip dye treatment. Whether you ombré, tie, or Shibori-dye (like the groovy shirt above from Honestly WTF), you’ll transform your wardrobe into wearable works of art without have to spend a lot of cash. read more at

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