Personalised School Leavers Hoodies

School leaver hoodies are popular by many students who are about to graduate to move on to a higher education. They are the perfect sentimental item to remember your memories while you were in school.

The hoodies are purchased by different age group who are undergoing a graduation from a secondary school or even from a university. They represent the student’s experience, and it’s a way of remembering the graduation ceremony itself. Typically, leavers hoodies contain the name and a badge logo of your school with the year of your graduation. They are also one of the most popular gifts you can give to someone who is graduating.

Each student has their preference when it comes to choosing their leavers hoodies. So it’s ideal for students to have their personalised hoodies. Luckily, hoodies can now be customised to whatever colour or style you want. Unlike the previous plain school leavers hoodies, you can now add your personal touch and design your hoodie with more vibrant colours and any phrases you wish.

There are many ideas you can add to your leaving hoodies. For instance, you can add the year you graduated. Or even add each name or nicknames of your fellow graduates on the back of your hoodie to make your graduation more memorable. You can get creative and personalise your hoodie to your heart’s desire as there are endless ideas that you can always add in.

Another great idea is choosing a particular theme before personalising your hoodie. This way you can easily pick out designs and colours that match your theme. There are hundreds of theme you can come up with including a prom theme, dark theme or your school’s colour theme.

Why not choose a print for your hoodie. Using your own printed image or drawing on the front of your hoodie is another way of adding your flare. It can be a unique and a memorable way for personalising your hoodie. offers to customise your hoodies online by simply filling out an online form with your chosen styles. The hoodies are available in different style, colours, sizes and materials. When it comes to different styles, hoodyworld have it all. You can choose from cropped top hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, zipped hoodies and so much more! The Hoodies comes in a wide range of colours too. They don’t just offer one base of colour, but they also provide an option for a two tone colour on all hoodies.

Furthermore, you can also decide whether you want your school’s badge or the name of your school in the front area of your hoodie. also has a variety of ready-made designs for the back of your hoodie. There’s also an option add any extra text on any areas of your hoodie whether it’s on the front or sleeves. You can also choose from the font collections online and select the font you like for all your texts. Once you have finally created your personalised hoodies, one of their teams will get back to you with a free quote. So if you are in need of a personalised hoodie, why not try and start customising your hoodie online.