Best cargo pants brands

Top 10 Best Cargo Pants Brands

The Cargo pants started out as part of the Battle Dress Uniform of Britain in 1930.  In 1940 the Cargo pants were also adopted by the American military.  Cargo pants are a highly functional clothes item that is still very popular with both men and women.

Over the years the style improved and a variety of modern cuts found its way into the fashion world.  The everlasting functionality will always find the approval of shoppers.  Whether you are looking for a style with lots of tactical pockets, or looking for a slimmer, more fashionable cut, with a bit of research, you will find your perfect pair of trousers.

Taking the cargo pants’ humble beginnings as a practical, functional, military, issue, you will now find your best cargo pants in fashion magazines and top trending clothing stores.  In 1990, the humble cargo pants became a fashion trend and it still is.


Fashion Trends in Cargo Pants

Cargo pants, typically, are loose fitting pants, designed to be suitable for outdoor activities, they are very durable and characterized by a multitude of large pockets in many sizes.  At first, being a trouser for practical uses, cargo trousers slowly became a popular fashion item.


Top Ten Cargo Pants:

1. Arizona

Cargo pants by ArizonaFeatures six pockets, back pockets with flaps, two, two front pockets, and two cargo side pockets.  It’s made from durable, washable cotton, and would be a good choice to wear when going climbing or hiking.  However, this straight leg style will also be good for everyday wear.






2. Barley & Bass Spencer

Cargo trousers by Barley and Bass SpencerIs trending in the “Made in USA style”, with six pockets situated at the rear, hips, and side.  All the pockets have buttons.  It is made from machine-washable cotton and comes in solid colours, earth tones, and also, camouflage.






3. Fleece Cargo Pants by PROCLUB

Are the best cargo pants for road-runners as well as other types of exercise.  The pants feature pockets for the safe stashinFleece Cargo Pants Proclubg of their keys and cell phone while exercising.  This poly-cotton blend is machine washable and comfortably thick for exercising in cooler temperatures, too.  Features include a waistband of elastic with a drawstring, adjustable pant-leg cuff, and six pockets.






4. Hollister

Hollister Cargo PantsOne of the best men’s cargo pants, made of 100% cotton in the straight fit classic style.  It features rugged stitching that will withstand vigorous use.  The pant legs also have reinforced stitching below and above the knee, and at other stress points.  It has button-flap cargo pockets.







5. Wrangler Barlow

Cargo Pants by Wrangler BarlowIs specifically designed for the modern man.  This trouser features standard back and hip pockets, but the traditional cargo pockets are replaced.  The one pant leg the pocket includes a cell phone slip, for keeping the phone secure.  The other pant leg has three cargo pockets and two smaller ones, stacked over a standard width pocket.






6. Knit Cargo Pants by James Perse

Knit Cargo Pants by James PerseIs a super comfortable pair of pants.  The medium-weight cotton fabric drapes nicely and is secured with a drawstring and button fly.  The cargo pockets with button flaps feature just above the knee of this straight leg cargo pants.  It is machine washable.








7. Polo 

Polo Cargo PantsDesigned by Ralph Lauren features cargo pants where fashion and function meet.  All pockets, hip, legs and rear, features snap enclosures to ensure easy access and security.  This 100% cotton trouser has reinforced stitching at the knees and is cut in the straight leg style with adjustable drawstrings at hems.








8. Levi’s

Levi Cargo PantsHas a relaxed fit with pockets situated a little way higher up on the leg.  These pants are made of 100% cotton twill and are comfortable, durable and machine washable.  Featuring reinforced stitching at the knees and buttoned pocket flaps, this cargo pants is a good choice.







9. M Society

M-Society Cargo PantsHave a more modern and trendier look.  It features a waistband of elastic and cuffs on the pant leg endings, which have a covering of faux leather.  The pocket flaps feature detailed button closures.  It is made of 100% heavy-duty, durable cotton with detailed stitching.








10. Guess

Is ideal for men who love wearing skinny jeans.  These cargo trousers have doubled up on the number of pockets, which are stacked from the point underneath the hip pockets.  The pockets feature a design which brings a more sleek looking cargo pants.






Best Men’s Cargo Pants

  1. Slim Cargo Pants: These pants are not overly baggy and are great for a classic look.
  2. Cargo Shorts: Perfect for the weather in summer.  Pair them with a crisp white t-shirt for a cool, casual look.
  3. Cargo Joggers: This mix between sports-wear and street-wear comes off best when worn as a casual look or to chill in at home.
  4. Ripstop: This extremely durable fabric will ensure that you have cargo pants forever.  This type of cargo pants will be a bit more expensive, but this is because the quality of the material is better.

Best Combat Trousers

Men’s, Outdoor, Windproof, Hiking, Climbing, and Combat Trousers Tactical Pants Comfort; says it all.  A Combat trouser tailored to be practical in all types of conditions and activities.

Men’s, Military, Cargo, Combat, Work Pants, Casual, Camo, Army Trousers; is a machine washable, cotton blend trouser with Camouflage patterns and colours.

Men’s, Trendy, Overall, Military, Cargo, Combat, Trousers a Tactical, Casual, and Outdoor Pants; comes in the colours black, army green and khaki.

Men’s, Work Trousers, Cargo, Combat Style, Heavy Duty, with Knee Pads, and Pockets; is suitable for that heavy-duty, dirty, work done outside.

Men’s, Winter, Cotton Fleece, Cargo, Combat, Long Pants, with Work Pockets; are available in the colours, army green, and black.  These pants are ideal for working outside in extreme winter conditions.


Different Types of Cargo Pants

Slim-fit Cargo pants

Although, generally a baggy trouser, the skinny style cargo trouser can look stylish as well.  This will do very well as a modern street outfit.  Team this trouser with a lightweight shirt and jumper, add a pair of loafers, and you are dressed smart-casual; perfectly suitable for a summer’s day.

Cargo Shorts

This loose-fitting pair of shorts, will be perfect for a hot summer’s day.  Combine a pair of khaki- or camo cargo shorts with any toned-down clothing items for a casual look.

Jogger Cargo Pants

is an interesting mix of street-wear and sportswear.  Both trends became popular on their own, and now, inevitably, became something in between that can be worn either way.

Cargo Jeans

is a bold variation of this type of trouser.  Cargo jeans mostly have a lot of detail which can make your outfit seems a bit cluttered.  They certainly make a statement and should be worn with something simple, for instance, a plain sweatshirt and trainers.

Designer Cargo Pants

Is becoming increasingly popular and can be worn for work, fun and almost anything else.

Ripstop Cargo Pants

Is made of a specially woven fabric that is made from nylon and reinforced to make it rips and tear resistant.  Also used for making hot air balloons and parachutes, this lightweight material makes a perfect designer combat trouser.  This type of trouser can be the most durable item of clothing a man can own.

Even though you can find Cargo pants or trousers in almost every colour, the most traditional will be the khaki colour, originally worn to camouflage by the military.  This type of pants works excellent in extreme jobs environments but is also just as stylish to wear casually.

Black Cargo Pants for men might be less traditional, but will probably be much more versatile than any other colour.  A pair of cargo pants will bring a different look than the usual jeans.

White Cargo Pants, much like cargo jeans, can be a difficult style to pull off successfully.  White can get dirty very quickly and can be cramping your style a lot by just being white!

Where to buy men’s Cargo Pants:

You can shop for men’s Cargo Pants, men’ Cargo Trousers, and Combat Trousers at mostly any men’s clothing store in the UK and USA.  Designer pants can also be bought at their fashion boutiques.  But the easiest way to find the best pair of Cargo Pants might be online.

Have a look at Cargo Pants offerings on eBay.  They have the biggest variety of men’s cargo pants in all styles and colours on offer.  They also have a feature to check the sellers’ history and customer satisfaction to ensure that purchases will have a happy ending.

Combat Trousers at also features a wide variety of Men’s cargo and combat trousers.

Despite the fact that cargo trousers or pants are seen as unfashionable by some fashion know-alls, it is still one of the most popular trends in clothing.  They will become still more popular as the skinny trouser makes way for the more loosely fitting, baggy, alternatives.

Whatever type of cargo pants you prefer or what type of colour or camo print, your best pair of cargo pants is somewhere out there.  There is a cargo pants for everyone.

Top 10 Best Cargo Pants Brands
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