Find Quality Designer Clothing in London


If you’re new to shopping for designer clothing in London, then you may feel like you could use a bit of help. With magazines and fashion blogs constantly bombarding readers with new trends and styles, those who are novices to upscale can easily feel a little overwhelmed. To help you navigate the capital of fashion, here are some tips on how you can find the best designer clothes.

Ladies Clothing – Women are perhaps the most overwhelmed when it comes to designer clothing shopping. Ladies clothing is constantly evolving and building a full and stylish wardrobe can be stressful. From tops to dresses to accessories, what’s in one day seems to be out of fashion the next. This is why smart women look for pieces that are timeless and will stay in Vogue no matter how the trends change. The essential pieces include items like a classic little black dress, a pair of sleek pumps in a neutral colour and sophisticated handbags and jewellery pieces. As an added bonus, shoppers can look for these basic items left over from previous seasons, which means they are more likely to find good deals and sales. Safekeeping these designer pieces is also not as high maintenance as it seems. Instead of storing it in your closet to collect dust, you can purchase transparent covers and place them in a round or circular clothes rail for easy access and use. If you properly protect the fabric, these items will last and always look brand new.

Men’s Wear – There is far more to building a man’s wardrobe than just a few well-tailored suits. Instead, find daily items that allow for sophistication and style while still remaining casual. Examples of this include a handsome Lacoste polo shirt or a pair of well-fitted Diesel jeans. The goal here is not to be flashy and show off five designer labels at once; rather, the aim should be subtle but attractive sophistication.

Kids Wear – No one is ever too young to begin building a stylish wardrobe filled with a few key labelled pieces. However, since children grow so quickly, find pieces that aren’t too form-fitting. Instead of investing in trousers or dresses for little girls, you can find shirts, coats and rucksacks from children’s designers like Kate Mack. Kate Mack clothing and other designers such as Scotch R Belle, Catimini and Tommy Hilfiger supply a fantastic range for children ages 0-16.

When shopping for designer pieces in London, shoppers should be guided by a mix of what the editorials say are the latest trends and their own personal style. Don’t feel as if you have to spend a tonne at once; instead, begin building your wardrobe by gradually adding certain key pieces.