Find Quality Designer Clothing in London


If you’re new to shopping for designer clothing in London, then you may feel like you could use a bit of help. With magazines and fashion blogs constantly bombarding readers with new trends and styles, those who are novices to upscale can easily feel a little overwhelmed. To help you navigate the capital of fashion, here are some tips on how you can find the best designer clothes.

Ladies Clothing – Women are perhaps the most overwhelmed when it comes to designer clothing shopping. Ladies clothing is constantly evolving and building a full and stylish wardrobe can be stressful. From tops to dresses to accessories, what’s in one day seems to be out of fashion the next. This is why smart women look for pieces that are timeless and will stay in Vogue no matter how the trends change. The essential pieces include items like a classic little black dress, a pair of sleek pumps in a neutral colour and sophisticated handbags and jewellery pieces. As an added bonus, shoppers can look for these basic items left over from previous seasons, which means they are more likely to find good deals and sales. Safekeeping these designer pieces is also not as high maintenance as it seems. Instead of storing it in your closet to collect dust, you can purchase transparent covers and place them in a round or circular clothes rail for easy access and use. If you properly protect the fabric, these items will last and always look brand new.

Men’s Wear – There is far more to building a man’s wardrobe than just a few well-tailored suits. Instead, find daily items that allow for sophistication and style while still remaining casual. Examples of this include a handsome Lacoste polo shirt or a pair of well-fitted Diesel jeans. The goal here is not to be flashy and show off five designer labels at once; rather, the aim should be subtle but attractive sophistication.

Kids Wear – No one is ever too young to begin building a stylish wardrobe filled with a few key labelled pieces. However, since children grow so quickly, find pieces that aren’t too form-fitting. Instead of investing in trousers or dresses for little girls, you can find shirts, coats and rucksacks from children’s designers like Kate Mack. Kate Mack clothing and other designers such as Scotch R Belle, Catimini and Tommy Hilfiger supply a fantastic range for children ages 0-16.

When shopping for designer pieces in London, shoppers should be guided by a mix of what the editorials say are the latest trends and their own personal style. Don’t feel as if you have to spend a tonne at once; instead, begin building your wardrobe by gradually adding certain key pieces.

Best cargo pants brands

Top 10 Best Cargo Pants Brands

The Cargo pants started out as part of the Battle Dress Uniform of Britain in 1930.  In 1940 the Cargo pants were also adopted by the American military.  Cargo pants are a highly functional clothes item that is still very popular with both men and women.

Over the years the style improved and a variety of modern cuts found its way into the fashion world.  The everlasting functionality will always find the approval of shoppers.  Whether you are looking for a style with lots of tactical pockets, or looking for a slimmer, more fashionable cut, with a bit of research, you will find your perfect pair of trousers.

Taking the cargo pants’ humble beginnings as a practical, functional, military, issue, you will now find your best cargo pants in fashion magazines and top trending clothing stores.  In 1990, the humble cargo pants became a fashion trend and it still is.


Fashion Trends in Cargo Pants

Cargo pants, typically, are loose fitting pants, designed to be suitable for outdoor activities, they are very durable and characterized by a multitude of large pockets in many sizes.  At first, being a trouser for practical uses, cargo trousers slowly became a popular fashion item.


Top Ten Cargo Pants:

1. Arizona

Cargo pants by ArizonaFeatures six pockets, back pockets with flaps, two, two front pockets, and two cargo side pockets.  It’s made from durable, washable cotton, and would be a good choice to wear when going climbing or hiking.  However, this straight leg style will also be good for everyday wear.






2. Barley & Bass Spencer

Cargo trousers by Barley and Bass SpencerIs trending in the “Made in USA style”, with six pockets situated at the rear, hips, and side.  All the pockets have buttons.  It is made from machine-washable cotton and comes in solid colours, earth tones, and also, camouflage.






3. Fleece Cargo Pants by PROCLUB

Are the best cargo pants for road-runners as well as other types of exercise.  The pants feature pockets for the safe stashinFleece Cargo Pants Proclubg of their keys and cell phone while exercising.  This poly-cotton blend is machine washable and comfortably thick for exercising in cooler temperatures, too.  Features include a waistband of elastic with a drawstring, adjustable pant-leg cuff, and six pockets.






4. Hollister

Hollister Cargo PantsOne of the best men’s cargo pants, made of 100% cotton in the straight fit classic style.  It features rugged stitching that will withstand vigorous use.  The pant legs also have reinforced stitching below and above the knee, and at other stress points.  It has button-flap cargo pockets.







5. Wrangler Barlow

Cargo Pants by Wrangler BarlowIs specifically designed for the modern man.  This trouser features standard back and hip pockets, but the traditional cargo pockets are replaced.  The one pant leg the pocket includes a cell phone slip, for keeping the phone secure.  The other pant leg has three cargo pockets and two smaller ones, stacked over a standard width pocket.






6. Knit Cargo Pants by James Perse

Knit Cargo Pants by James PerseIs a super comfortable pair of pants.  The medium-weight cotton fabric drapes nicely and is secured with a drawstring and button fly.  The cargo pockets with button flaps feature just above the knee of this straight leg cargo pants.  It is machine washable.








7. Polo 

Polo Cargo PantsDesigned by Ralph Lauren features cargo pants where fashion and function meet.  All pockets, hip, legs and rear, features snap enclosures to ensure easy access and security.  This 100% cotton trouser has reinforced stitching at the knees and is cut in the straight leg style with adjustable drawstrings at hems.








8. Levi’s

Levi Cargo PantsHas a relaxed fit with pockets situated a little way higher up on the leg.  These pants are made of 100% cotton twill and are comfortable, durable and machine washable.  Featuring reinforced stitching at the knees and buttoned pocket flaps, this cargo pants is a good choice.







9. M Society

M-Society Cargo PantsHave a more modern and trendier look.  It features a waistband of elastic and cuffs on the pant leg endings, which have a covering of faux leather.  The pocket flaps feature detailed button closures.  It is made of 100% heavy-duty, durable cotton with detailed stitching.








10. Guess

Is ideal for men who love wearing skinny jeans.  These cargo trousers have doubled up on the number of pockets, which are stacked from the point underneath the hip pockets.  The pockets feature a design which brings a more sleek looking cargo pants.






Best Men’s Cargo Pants

  1. Slim Cargo Pants: These pants are not overly baggy and are great for a classic look.
  2. Cargo Shorts: Perfect for the weather in summer.  Pair them with a crisp white t-shirt for a cool, casual look.
  3. Cargo Joggers: This mix between sports-wear and street-wear comes off best when worn as a casual look or to chill in at home.
  4. Ripstop: This extremely durable fabric will ensure that you have cargo pants forever.  This type of cargo pants will be a bit more expensive, but this is because the quality of the material is better.

Best Combat Trousers

Men’s, Outdoor, Windproof, Hiking, Climbing, and Combat Trousers Tactical Pants Comfort; says it all.  A Combat trouser tailored to be practical in all types of conditions and activities.

Men’s, Military, Cargo, Combat, Work Pants, Casual, Camo, Army Trousers; is a machine washable, cotton blend trouser with Camouflage patterns and colours.

Men’s, Trendy, Overall, Military, Cargo, Combat, Trousers a Tactical, Casual, and Outdoor Pants; comes in the colours black, army green and khaki.

Men’s, Work Trousers, Cargo, Combat Style, Heavy Duty, with Knee Pads, and Pockets; is suitable for that heavy-duty, dirty, work done outside.

Men’s, Winter, Cotton Fleece, Cargo, Combat, Long Pants, with Work Pockets; are available in the colours, army green, and black.  These pants are ideal for working outside

Top Designer Items


No matter what your style or budget, every person should add a few very key designer clothing items to their wardrobes. While many of us may be accustomed to shopping for all of our apparel items from non-label lines and shops, adding even one sophisticated piece to your fashion arsenal can do wonders for your confidence and personal sense of style. Here are some of the top items available for men, women and children.

For Women – When it comes to ladies clothing, the essential items for those who are new to designer fashion are dresses, handbags and shoes. A plain and drab ensemble suddenly feels brand new when accessorised with a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin heels or a Diesel handbag. As for dresses, find structured pieces that compliment and flatter your shape. You will get more use out of neutral colours like tan or black, whereas patterns or flashier designs may go out of season quicker.

For Men – Every man should have a few designer menswear pieces in his closet. Even if your suits aren’t exactly Gucci, you can still give your wardrobe a boost with the addition of a sharp designer necktie or a handsome briefcase. For casual wear, look for understated by sophisticated pieces like Lacoste polos and sleek button-down tops. A really great investment piece to complete your wardrobe are military boots. This type of footwear will almost match with any outfit and will be made from good, strong material, so you are guaranteed they will be comfortable and be long-lasting. Remember, just because you’re going casual doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. Women love a man who always looks put-together and sophisticated, even when he is dressed down.

For Kids – Kids wear has long been thought to be completely removed from designer fashion. After all, most of us think that children’s clothing is essentially the same no matter what it says on the label. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kate Mack creates pieces specifically for wee ones and they are absolutely adorable. During the summer, give your child a fashionable edge with a swimsuit or beach ensemble. In the colder months, a sharp little pea coat will make your child look like he or she belongs on the pages of a children’s fashion magazine.

Building a stylish wardrobe doesn’t involve spending thousands of pounds in one shopping spree. Rather, it involves slowly adding key designer pieces. Becoming more fashionable and wearing more quality apparel truly ought to be a journey rather than a race. Slowly add key items and before you know it, you’ll have a collection that rivals those of fashion magazine editors.

Personalised School Leavers Hoodies

School leaver hoodies are popular by many students who are about to graduate to move on to a higher education. They are the perfect sentimental item to remember your memories while you were in school.

The hoodies are purchased by different age group who are undergoing a graduation from a secondary school or even from a university. They represent the student’s experience, and it’s a way of remembering the graduation ceremony itself. Typically, leavers hoodies contain the name and a badge logo of your school with the year of your graduation. They are also one of the most popular gifts you can give to someone who is graduating.

Each student has their preference when it comes to choosing their leavers hoodies. So it’s ideal for students to have their personalised hoodies. Luckily, hoodies can now be customised to whatever colour or style you want. Unlike the previous plain school leavers hoodies, you can now add your personal touch and design your hoodie with more vibrant colours and any phrases you wish.

There are many ideas you can add to your leaving hoodies. For instance, you can add the year you graduated. Or even add each name or nicknames of your fellow graduates on the back of your hoodie to make your graduation more memorable. You can get creative and personalise your hoodie to your heart’s desire as there are endless ideas that you can always add in.

Another great idea is choosing a particular theme before personalising your hoodie. This way you can easily pick out designs and colours that match your theme. There are hundreds of theme you can come up with including a prom theme, dark theme or your school’s colour theme.

Why not choose a print for your hoodie. Using your own printed image or drawing on the front of your hoodie is another way of adding your flare. It can be a unique and a memorable way for personalising your hoodie. offers to customise your hoodies online by simply filling out an online form with your chosen styles. The hoodies are available in different style, colours, sizes and materials. When it comes to different styles, hoodyworld have it all. You can choose from cropped top hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, zipped hoodies and so much more! The Hoodies comes in a wide range of colours too. They don’t just offer one base of colour, but they also provide an option for a two tone colour on all hoodies.

Furthermore, you can also decide whether you want your school’s badge or the name of your school in the front area of your hoodie. also has a variety of ready-made designs for the back of your hoodie. There’s also an option add any extra text on any areas of your hoodie whether it’s on the front or sleeves. You can also choose from the font collections online and select the font you like for all your texts. Once you have finally created your personalised hoodies, one of their teams will get back to you with a free quote. So if you are in need of a personalised hoodie, why not try and start customising your hoodie online.

Fashion hacks you need to know

Once in a while, we may stumble into our old or new clothing that requires fixing. For instance, you might find a loose button on your shirt, or a tangled necklace that you can’t seem to untangle or even finding a stain in one of your favourite clothing or footwear. Or you might want to simply re-wear your old clothes and make them look more fashionable. Either way fashion hacks will save you a lot of money and make you look more fashionable at the same time! So let’s take a look at the following articles with useful fashion hacks.

8 Clever Fashion Hacks For Everyday Life

Being fashionable isn’t about having money, it is about knowing a bunch of things. And a few clever fashion hacks will definitely help a lot! That is why this next piece of advice will definitely help. A list of 8 tricks will be handy in a lot of situations when you need fashion to be on your side. Examples like removing odors or stains are often an issue for lots of people. Read the collection provided here. You will find out how to easily tuck in non-skinny jeans, break in tight shoes. It is good to also know, in case of emergency, how to conceal a bra strap with a paper clip. And if any or every tip from the list helps you, remember to share it with your friends.

All you have to do is sprinkle a sufficient amount of the powder on to the stain and wait for the powder to soak up the oil. Once the stain reaches the surface of the fabric, it’s much easier to remove. read more at

Christmas party dress

How to Choose Your Christmas Party Outfit

Christmas is a great day and everyone is eager to go and party somewhere. The question that remains is how to choose your Christmas party outfit? The way you dress up is very crucial and this will determine the level of comfort at the party. The outfit for this great day varies based on different factors like being a casual or simple and effortless chic. Below are some of the top five Christmas outfits you will definitely love.

1. Simple & effortless chic

sexy-1504105_640For the simple and effortless chic, the dressy pants like the wide leg trousers with easy to wear tops are the ultimate choice for you. This is because trouser with the wide legs will definitely add some elegance and glamor to your appearance. For an immediate haute look, you can always add an additional layer of sparkle with short sleeves or choose to pair with a contrasting blazer.

Autumn/Winter fashion

AW 2016 style trends

There are many styles to watch out for such as the age-old favourite military and even the peplum still has pride of places in our wardrobes for this season, so no need to throw those items out just yet, instead, why not update them by combining them with a new key piece from our top 5 list? Here are the Top 5 key trends for this new season:1. Coats!

Your outerwear is THE first thing that you are noticed for, so an outdated coat or jacket can create the wrong impression from the outset! Coats and jackets for this new up and coming season are bold, patterned and textured to make a real statement!

Never be afraid to experiment with various colors, patterns, and textures and see how brave you can be. This new season’s offerings come in variations of leathers, furs, and over-sized parkas. Make sure you invest if only in one piece this season, make sure it is a statement coat!

2. Layers!

Layers have been in and out of fashion for some time now from the 60’s hippy-dippy era right the way through to modern day and still going strong.

Layering is very popular with the European fashion houses and to achieve the best results you should stick to one or two colour pallets. Avoid different patterns but a couple of textures works well. The leather is very in this season so why not combine floaty chiffon blouses with delicate knitwear for a super snug and warm but edgy fashion twist with a pair of leather trousers?

Fashion show

Affordable Celebrity Fashion Trends That Won’t Break the Bank

Now that Fashion Week is over and Fall is coming it is time to put away the bathing suits and get ready to dress like the stars while still staying on a budget. Some new ideas that came from the fashion shows are to incorporate that striped Oxford paired with a gold two piece suit for evening wear. As the weather gets colder make sure to extend the use of your favourite summer sun dress by layering with a cashmere Polo neck underneath it. For your handbag the look is to wear it around your shoulder and tucked under the arm. This look works for medium and long lengths. It looks like bare legs are back in this fall and is great with any two piece shirt suit.
waiting-410328_640Another blast from the past the Stone Colored Chinos are back. Now with a high waste and can be accessorised with a black belt and block shoes. Another look that is making a comeback is the ski pants with stirrups. Wear the stirrups on the outside and pair with boots this is suppose to replace those tired old track pants. For belts this year, Prada, is coming out with a high wasted corset belt to wear with your summer dress and matching shoes. What a great look. Denim is still in with the fall coming up feel at home in those denim jeans and jackets. Colors are bright and very eclectic mixing stripes and solids and prints as well. When dressing for that Christmas party make sure to keep these trends in mind and find out if there is a theme to the party. If no theme has been chosen then keep these things in mind. Be comfortable above all fashion should not hurt.